Prelude to the storm - Capital Days opens the cultural season in Vilnius

  • 2005-08-31
  • By Milda Seputyte
If Vilnius lulled you to sleep during the warm summer months, you're sure to wake up to the storm of cultural events that will unfold during Capital Days. With its new self-perception of being the Baltic mecca of culture, Vilnius has geared up to justify its new image during the five days of vibrant cultural performances that make up Capital Days.

From Sept. 1 - 5, Vilnius will resound with colorful events throughout the city, the epicenter of which will be in the very heart of the city, Cathedral Square, where guests can see concerts each night.

The festival's opening day is meant to astound with a mammoth music show in Vingis Park. Capital Days will kick off with a live performance of "The Wall" by Pink Floyd. A new interpretation of the classic rock opera will be staged by the best Lithuanian rock bands featuring greats such as Jurgis from Inculto or Maksas from Biplan. Two choirs and the symphonic orchestra will accompany the show.

The concerts on the second day will be entirely devoted to the best covers of the world. Keeping in mind that Lithuanians are obsessed with jazz, don't be surprised to hear somewhat jazzy interpretations of world famous tunes from the likes of U2, Robbie Williams, Sting, and Madonna.

But there will be more than just concerts to keep the crowds pleased at Capital Days. For two days, Mokytoju Namu will serve as a paradise for film and visual art devotees. On Sept. 2, free screenings should attract those interested in the developments of the Lithuanian television commercial industry. The Lithuanian Ad-Eaters Night will surprise and delight as it presents the dramatic improvements in the 15-year-old country's commercial tradition.

The following night, Mokytoju Namu will host Tinklai, an international short-film festival. The program is composed of non-traditional short movies from across Europe ranging from documentaries to experimental films. The annual festival features its screening in unconventional settings all over the country. It kicks off this year on the premises of a former tobacco factory in Klaipeda, and then moves on to the Vente Ornithology Station, Vilnius' Lietuva cinema and a vacated cinema in Trakai.

Capital Days will close with a tribute of praise and poetry to the city. Some of Lithuania's most beloved voices will perform songs about Vilnius. It's been said that there are some 200 songs about the country's capital in music archives, and some of the best ones will be performed on this last night as blasts of fireworks go off in the background in salute to this great city.

These are only some of the best events awaiting you at Capital Days this year. There is much more to discover- from arts, to music, to crafts, to dances on Gediminas Prospect. Catch the last lullaby of the summer - a dramatic cultural autumn in Vilnius is coming up.