Jekabsons to take part in police picket

  • 2005-08-12
RIGA - Interior Minister Eriks Jekabsons said he would join a police picket outside the government building next Thursday to protest police officers' low pay.

"This is not just the issue of police officers, this is my issue as well and I should stand out for it not only in words but also in deeds," he said.

He voiced satisfaction over the meeting earlier on Thursday with Police Association board chair Agris Suna, saying that he ascertained during the meeting that an independent organization had formed within the interior system which would unite top officials and staff to solve the problems together.

Suna said following the meeting that he had gained assurance that the minister was on police officers' side.

Latvia's police say they are in a near crisis situation. Over 550 people already have quit work this year over low pay. To avoid a crisis, the Interior Ministry intends to gradually double wages over three years.