Environmentalists: Lithuania fails its sea eagles

  • 2005-08-12
VILNIUS 's Lithuania faces sanctions from the European Union as it has failed to preserve the roosting grounds of sea eagles and other endangered birds in Alytus, environmentalists said.

Member of the parliamentary Environmental Protection Committee Gediminas Jakavonis told a press conference on Thursday that the Kabeliai fish farm, which had been installed near the Cepkeliai marsh in the Soviet era, was the favorite roosting grounds for rare species of birds.

As he explained, unless immediate actions are taken, Lithuania might lose this unique ornithological object for good.

Last year there were over 20 species of birds included in Lithuania's Red Book that could be found at the Kabeliai ponds. In 2004, this ornithological object was included in the Natura 2000 list of European territories under protection.