Diving team searches helicopter wreckage

  • 2005-08-11
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - Finnish divers began operations to find the bodies of those who perished in Wednesday's Copterline helicopter disaster, a spokeswoman for the Estonian Interior Ministry told the Baltic News Service.

The joint Estonian-Finnish team's first task was to research wreckage conditions and gather as much information as possible to plan the operation's following stages.

Divers will attempt to open the doors of the helicopter to start retrieving the victims' bodies. Underwater visibility near the wreckage has deteriorated, the spokesperson added.

Six Estonian and eight Finnish divers are taking part in the salvage operation. It is believed that 14 people 's including six Finnish and two American tourists 's died when the helicopter went down in the Bay of Tallinn at 12:40 on Aug. 10.