Veskimagi: Res Publica will not merge with Pro Patria Union

  • 2005-08-10
TALLINN 's The right-wing party Res Publica has no plans to move closer to Pro Patria Union, party chairman Taavi Veskimagi said on Wednesday.

The idea of a merger of the right-wing parties was first floated by Tallinn Mayor Tonis Palts, which Veskimagi called "his personal opinion."

"The statements about a possible merger of the two parties are a personal opinion of Tonis Palts and have nothing to do with Res Publica's plans. I have neither dealt with it nor am I planning to start dealing with it," Veskimagi told the Baltic News Service.

He said Res Publica had neither the will nor any reason to merge with another party.

However, he added, "Cooperation between right-wing forces based on world outlook is definitely in the interests of Estonia's development. The problem is that there's no one to work closely with. After Siim Kallas' departure as leader of the Reform Party, that party has lost its soul and has brought to power a center-left coalition."