Russian Nationalist Bolsheviks boycott Baltics

  • 2005-08-05
  • By TBT staff
KALININGRAD - The Russian Nationalist Bolshevik Party organized an action in Kaliningrad on Aug. 4, appealing to boycott countries they said were "unfriendly," Interfax reported.

The party warned customers at a supermarket against buying particular countries' goods and distributed leaflets appealing for vigilance and protests with respect to goods made in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Poland.

For the sake of convenience, the bar codes of the so-called hostile countries were printed on the leaflet.

"Latvian SS legionnaires fought against our troops. Lithuanians raised transit tariffs and are crowding out Russian schools. Estonia is beating the Russian-speaking residents of Paldiski. Ukraine steals our gas. Russian children are beaten in Poland. Georgia is driving out our troops," the National Bolsheviks said in the leaflets.