Res Publica, Centrists unite

  • 2005-03-09
  • By The Baltic Times
TALLINN- The Tallinn branch of Res Publica signed a coalition agreement with the Center Party on March 15, forming a new ruling power bloc in the capital city.

The new agreement will focus on continuing the municipal housing program and returning public opinion polls to city residents, both of which were Center Party requests. Changes made to the previous coalition agreement will require a supplementary budget of 50 million kroons (3 million euros), to be approved in May.

As for the shuffling of seats, Center Party Chairman Edgar Savisaar will become City Council Chairman, while Res Publica's Tonis Palts will keep his post as mayor.

Meanwhile, Palts said the new coalition would keep the previously approved plan for the renovation of roads and schools.

The power shift will be finalized at the City Council session on March 22.