New Foreign Minister Braze gives the impression of an "iron lady" - Rozenvalds

  • 2024-04-19
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The new Foreign Minister Baiba Braze leaves the impression of an "iron lady", political analyst Juris Rozenvalds told LETA.

In his opinion, the challenges that Braze faces are not drastically different from those faced by previous foreign ministers. They are about external and internal security, the European Union's place in economic processes, and how to ensure that Europe does not lose its position at global level.

Asked whether Braze would be able to attain the same status as former foreign minister and current President Edgars Rinkevics, who served as minister for 12 years, Rozenvalds said that it was difficult to say at the moment, but given her experience, Braze has every chance.

"Braze's previous positions have given her connections and contacts, which are very important. She is the second female Foreign Minister in Latvian history. If you look at it from the New Unity side, it is the best of all possible choices and options at the moment," the political analyst said.

Speaking about Braze's work as a non-partisan politician in her new position, Rozenvalds stressed that the post of foreign minister is somewhat peculiar, as party affiliation plays a much less important role. He noted that traditionally, foreign policy issues are dealt with with the participation of different political forces.

"The Foreign Minister has to take collective decisions, using his or her personal charm, his or her contacts in various international circles. In this respect, we can speak of Braze with a plus sign. Also, the Foreign Minister represents the country as a whole, not, for example, New Unity. Braze has experience, she is proactive and energetic. This could bring positive results," said the political analyst.

As reported, diplomat Baiba Braze was confirmed as Latvia's new foreign minister today with a confident majority.

Braze was put forward for the post by Prime Minister Evika Silina (New Unity), who has also invited the diplomat to join the Unity party. Braze has yet to make a decision whether to join the party.

66 MPs voted for Braze, 11 voted against, while nine abstained.

Ambassador Braze has held various positions in the foreign service, including ambassador of Latvia to several countries. Before becoming the ambassador of special assignments in the summer of 2023, she served as NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy since May 2020.

Braze holds two Masters degrees from the University of Latvia: one in Law and another in Communication Science. She has also studied at NATO Defense College.