Market research tactics that can take companies to the next level

  • 2023-11-28

The importance of market research for the growth and steady development of a company cannot be undervalued. All successful entrepreneurs know that it is a must to maintain their competitive edge in a challenging market in which many other businesses are vying for the same spot. Being able to make good decisions is also tricky, as you need to be aware of the numerous factors that can influence the evolution of your business. Whether you’re at the startup level or have started planning for further business development and want to increase your revenue levels, here are some of the things you should take into consideration.

Better services 

Working with a market research company is the best way to see results. Even if you believe you can handle this part of your development yourself, the whole process is actually more complicated than it could appear at first. As a leading company in the Netherlands for market research, Savanta supplies expertise to clients from all over Europe. The use of in-house data is vital, and subsequent analysis and expert consulting are added to the finished product to help clients make more sound decisions.  

A specialized service can help you access hard-to-reach audiences as well. There are different factors that can contribute to their reduced engagement levels, including cultural diversity, mobility issues or decreased internet access. The market research services typically include data processing, visualizations, survey design, and hosting. Advanced statistical analysis techniques are used as well to provide you with a definitive advantage that many of your competitors likely won’t have.

Next level branding 

Many companies are struggling to get a clear picture of how customers perceive their brand, products and services, as well as what they could do to improve. Brand awareness is one of the most critical factors. Your target clientele should be aware and familiar with your brand and products. This helps to not only retain a faithful customer base that repeatedly returns to your products and keeps choosing your products over those of your competitors, it also means that you’re more likely to attract prospective buyers as well.

The customers who are consistently choosing to purchase your products can promote your brand to others who might be interested as well, and there are a few advertisement options that work as well as recommendations from friends or family. People are naturally more likely to trust someone close to them instead of a brand, which is always seen as promoting products for the sole purpose of achieving higher revenue levels.

You must also get an objective view of how your customers see your brand compared to those of your competitors, as well as what traits and characteristics they’re more likely to associate with you and your goods. The best way to find an answer to these questions is to conduct interviews and surveys and then gather all the data you obtained and analyze it. This approach enables you to explore the topics more in-depth and develop positions that can take your business a step further.

Customer understanding 

All brands create products for a specific subset of customers and must, therefore, be aware of their particular characteristics. Knowing what demographics are more likely to purchase from you allows you to make more accurate decisions about the types of products you’ll continue to deliver, as well as the prices you can expect people will want to pay. The models and designs can be determined by analyzing this data as well. Teenagers and people in their 20s typically shop differently than those in their 50s or 60s.

Age is one of the most important considerations you must take into account, as well as whether men or women are more likely to shop with you. The marital status of your clientele, as well as whether they are parents or are childfree, counts as well. Their living arrangements, political and social beliefs, their average level of education, and the social media platforms they’re more likely to use can also offer some indication. Focusing on the right target market helps you use your resources more accurately so you don’t waste time or money. It also allows you to see results much faster since you are fundamentally improving the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Merchandise features 

Each new product is something of a shot in the dark since you cannot realistically predict precisely how well it will do on the market. Whether you’re bringing a novelty to the market or are looking to improve a product you’ve had for a long time, you should get a good idea of the features and packaging it will include. Market research allows you to get a better idea about these topics so that you can know if committing to production costs will be worth it in the long run.

To start product research, you should create a prototype and obtain consumer feedback. Gathering information on the consumer reaction to the product, including its look, usability, design and packaging, allows you to get a better idea of the general customer consensus on the products. You can expand your research to include the content and promotional views associated with the product launch and ask customers what they’re more likely to respond well to. You can also gather insights into how they plan to purchase the product and how often.

Qualitative research, coming in the form of focus groups and interviews, allows you to gather considerable amounts of information that lets you gather in-depth feedback you can use in your later strategies. After that stage is completed, surveys can be used to cover larger sample sets, and by doing this, you know that you are making more informed decisions.

To sum up, running a successful business means being able to gather data and analyze it in a way that can provide you with insights that change your outlook and provide you with a competitive edge over the other companies occupying the same niche as you. Since the environment is so competitive, you’ll need every weapon at your disposal.