Lithuanians advised to choose holiday destinations with fewer Russian tourists

  • 2024-04-12
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Chancellor Inga Cerniuk on Friday advised vacationers against travelling to destinations popular among Russians, because of potential tensions over differing views on the war in Ukraine.

Cerniuk suggests opting for countries where fewer Russians spend their vacations because of sanctions. 

"If we can choose a European destination, let's choose it," she told LRT Radio.

According to Cerniuk, some countries "are trying to please Russian tourists" because they see things differently "or are in a gray zone". 

"Let's think about whether these are the countries we really want to go to," the chancellor said. 

"Not everyone else in the world sees this conflict (in Ukraine) through the same prism of values. Take Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, for example; they're packed with Russian tourists, and the additional risks of such conflicts (among tourists) have increased significantly," she added. 

Cerniuk said there are other countries, such as Moldova, Armenia or Georgia, where such tensions are possible. 

"When travelling to these countries, you have to be aware of the added risk of polarization with societies that don't necessarily share our values," she said. 

The chancellor warned that actively expressing one's stance can lead to more serious conflicts, when tourists may need consular assistance.  

"If we want to actively express our values, let's assess the additional risks associated with the need for consular assistance," she said.