Lithuanian Car Sales Websites: Top 5

  • 2024-01-26

Lithuania's secondary car market is rich and diverse. Hundreds of thousands of cars are imported here every year from European countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and others. These vehicles are in different technical condition, but in most cases it is close to perfect, as the cars have been operated in good conditions and undergone regular maintenance. 

The Lithuanian market offers cars of all popular brands and models, in various configurations and technical condition, which allows everyone to make their choice based on their goals and budget. The large offer is explained simply: good conditions for importing cars into the country, low prices for registration and re-registration of vehicles. The proximity of other European countries determines the diversity of the Lithuanian market, attractive prices. To buy a car, we suggest the best Lithuanian car websites, which we will tell you about in our review. 

Why it's important to check a car's history before buying

The operating history of a car is not always perfect and the resource and safety of the vehicle depends on it. A thorough check can make the purchase of a car successful, and this can be done by having a VIN-code. This is a unique identifier of the car assigned to it at the manufacturing plant.

There are plenty of reasons to check the machine in detail:

- the car was involved in an accident (the damage may not be apparent, and knowing the list of damages will allow you to conduct a more detailed inspection);

- theft (the car may be stolen and this is often found out after purchase);

- legal restrictions (the car may be pledged, the loan is not paid for, etc.).

To check the history of a car by VIN code, special resources have been created that generate reports on a paid and free basis. In them you will find comprehensive information about the car, the sources of which are commercial and state organizations: insurance companies, authorized service stations, banks, police departments, etc.

Top 5: best Lithuanian car sales websites 

The most famous used car sales sites:






Auction, which provides an opportunity to buy a second-hand car not only in Lithuania, but also in the USA, Korea, UAE. Provides car delivery services for more than 10 years. The central office of the company is located in Lithuania. The platform is easy to understand and allows even novice users to quickly get used to it. Multilingual support is a great advantage. 

In order to participate in the auction you need to register on the site, authenticate and make a deposit of 10% of the value of the car. Among the undeniable advantages of the platform is the possibility of checking the car, and not only by VIN-code. The buyer can order a "live" inspection by the company's inspectors. 

The platform is an aggregator that provides access to cars that are sold at 55 auctions around the world. There are always about 2 million offers in the online auction database. You can buy lots not only by bidding, but at a fixed price. Of particular interest are cars that are exhibited by insurance companies. The company not only provides access to the auction, but also delivers the purchased vehicles to the specified address, providing support at all stages of this process.

A platform where ads for buying and selling cars in Lithuania are presented. The functionality of the site allows you to search for a car by several criteria, including the cost of the car, body type, engine capacity, make, model, year of manufacture.  The search can be both simple and advanced (with additional options).

Interface of the site is presented in three languages, but the ads are published only in Lithuanian. Each car has a detailed description, additional information is provided. In addition, the site publishes reviews of car owners about specific makes and models.

The site of announcements about cars for sale, which presents tens of thousands of ads from private and legal entities. The functionality of the site allows you not only to make an accurate search for the desired car, but also to estimate the cost of the car based on its technical characteristics. 

Make, model, year of manufacture, fuel type, mileage, equipment are used as filters for search. There is a possibility to sort ads depending on the date of their release, which allows to exclude irrelevant offers from the issue. The site is available in three languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English.

Large database of cars for sale in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. This Lithuanian car for sale website is well structured, which makes it easy to find the category of vehicles you need. Among the advantages: user-friendly interface, support for several languages, simple and advanced search filter.

The site presents not only cars, but also agricultural machinery, trucks, motorcycles, vans, spare parts. The functionality of the site allows you to leave an opinion about the announcement, share it in social networks, used a car.  Many users consider the lack of a full enough description, the absence of all the main characteristics of the car to be a disadvantage.