Latvian Alternative Rock Band

  • 2024-05-23

Rising through the ranks of European alternative rock, Latvian emerging band "The Tunes" unveils their second single, "Mercy" and a music video off their debut album "Range of Discovery," set for release this autumn. Each track in their collection paints a vivid narrative, inviting listeners to connect collectively while encouraging individual interpretation.

"Mercy" narrates a story about bridges destined for demolition - an exploration of unsuccessful friendships, where tyranny clashes the will to move on. "This song captures that beautiful state of mind, when you emotionally distance yourself from the situation and finally stand up for yourself," says the band.

Members of The Tunes - Varis Vilcins, Daniels Berzins, Matiss Kokins and Rihards Uztics - share the goal of articulating the unspoken through their music, becoming listener's ally in deciding moments. "For us being in 'The Tunes' is more than just making the music. We have let each other in our lives to move forward together, not just only on the stage, but as people. Our families and friends have also done phenomenally to keep up with it, starting an unbreakable community, which has helped greatly with our debut," reveals the boy band. 

After the debut album release this fall, 'The Tunes' are gearing up for performances outside Latvia. "We are confident in the potential of 'Range of Discovery.' Writing in English allows our message to resonate globally, inviting listeners to relate their own experiences to our music. Already, our songs have found radio-play and fans in countries far beyond Latvia," shares The Tunes.