Kucinskis and Vejonis consider forming task force of experts for assessment of authorities and courts' efficiency

  • 2017-07-17
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis (Greens/Farmers) and President Raimonds Vejonis had a meeting today to discuss forming a task force of experts to assess actions and efficiency of the law enforcement authorities and courts, Vejonis said after the meeting.

The two officials discussed the so-called "oligarch conversations" and concluded that forming a task force of experts should be considered. "For too long, we've been having many protracted litigation cases, and there are many other problems. I believe that now is the right time to bring together experts who would offer their advice on what needs to be improved at the authorities or official procedures for the rule of law to be effective," said Vejonis.

As reported, Vejonis said at a press conference following the National Security Council's meeting yesterday that all the persons involved in the so-called "oligarch conversations" should come forward and explain their role in the "conversations", and take responsibility for being involved.

The National Security Council has agreed that "oligarch conversations" have to be further analyzed, as well as all the events connected with the scandal. Vejonis also expressed support for setting up a Saeima investigative commission and suggested that the commission could be established at some of the extraordinary Saeima meetings later this month.

Vejonis also asked the Corruption Prevention Bureau to analyze the conversations as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and report its findings to both the general public and relevant Saeima committees.