It is vital to produce strategic goods and materials in EU - MP Terauda

  • 2022-05-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - It is vital that strategic goods and materials were produced in the European Union (EU), the Saeima press office quoted Vita Anda Terauda, chairperson of the Saeima European Affairs Committee, as saying. 

"Now that the usual supply chains are being disrupted or broken because of the war, it is vital to develop the ability to produce strategic goods like microchips and essential materials here in the EU," Terauda said after a meeting of the parliamentary committee on Friday. 

Members of the European Affairs Committee noted at the meeting that shortages of metal products and fertilizers represent the biggest issues to Latvian producers who are forced to look for alternative suppliers. It is no less important to find new supply routes and suppliers of chemicals for wood processing and veneer production, and sunflower oil for the food industry. 

As for raw materials and components critical for Latvia's industrial sector, Terauda indicated that trade relations in Europe are undergoing an overhaul in order to make deliveries more secure and find new suppliers in Europe, for instance, Balkan states, and elsewhere. 

At the meeting, lawmakers discussed Latvia's national position on the the European Chips Act, proposed by the European Commission. The draft document provides for a system of measures aimed at bolstering Europe's competitiveness and resilience in semiconductor technologies and applications, and enabling both the digital and green transition.