Impact of Latvian casino advertising regulation on the gambling industry

  • 2024-05-27

In recent years, Latvia has taken significant steps to regulate its casino industry, with a particular focus on advertising. New advertising rules introduced in 2023 aim to create a safer gambling environment and reduce the risk of gambling problems. 

Rationale behind the recent rule changes

The main motivation behind casino Latvia new advertising rules is to protect vulnerable people, especially minors, from the potential risks and negative effects of gambling. The Latvian Government, through the Inspectorate for the Supervision of Lotteries and Gambling (IAUI), has introduced these rules to address growing concerns about the impact of gambling on society.

Protection of vulnerable people

One of the main concerns that led to the new rules is the increasing exposure of young people to gambling advertising. Research has shown that early exposure to gambling can lead to higher risks later in life. By limiting the timing and content of these advertisements, the Government aims to reduce the attractiveness of gambling to minors.

Solving gambling problems

Gambling is a problem in many countries, and Latvia is no exception. The new rules are part of a wider strategy to promote responsible gambling and reduce gambling-related harm. By limiting advertising, the government hopes to reduce the overall visibility of gambling, making it less attractive to those who might be susceptible to addiction. 

Key features of the new rules

The new advertising rules introduced in 2023 include a number of key features designed to minimise the risks associated with gambling promotions.

Time restrictions

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of strict time limits on when gambling adverts can be broadcast. Adverts are now banned during the day, as this is the time when children and teenagers are most likely to be watching television or using online platforms. The aim of this provision is to significantly reduce the display of gambling-related content to young people.

Content restrictions

The rules also set strict content limits for gambling advertisements. Adverts must now contain clear warnings about the risks of gambling and the potential for addiction. In addition, they must not portray gambling as a glamorous or lucrative hobby, and must avoid suggesting that gambling can solve financial problems or improve one's financial situation.


Another important aspect of the new rules is the restrictions on sponsorship by gambling companies. Sports teams and events in particular, as they often rely on sponsorship from gambling operators. The new rules prohibit gambling companies from sponsoring events or teams that are primarily aimed at minors, such as youth sports leagues.

Impact on the casino industry

The introduction of these new advertising rules has had a significant impact on the Latvian casino industry. The impact is multifaceted, affecting market dynamics, consumer behaviour and the marketing strategies used by gambling operators.

Market dynamics

Advertising restrictions have led to changes in market dynamics. Traditional forms of advertising, such as television and radio, are no longer viable to reach a wide audience. This has led gambling operators to explore alternative marketing channels and strategies.

Digital and social media advertising

With limited opportunities for traditional advertising, many operators have turned to digital and social media platforms to promote their services. However, these platforms are also subject to strict rules. Social media ads must comply with the same content restrictions and must not target under-age users. As a result, gambling companies invest in sophisticated targeting methods to ensure that their ads reach the right audience.

Sponsoring challenges

The new sponsoring rules have created challenges for both gambling operators and their sponsored organisations. Sports teams that previously relied on sponsorship from gambling companies are now looking for alternative sources of funding.

Casino operators' actions after the introduction of the rules

Casino operators in Latvia have had to adapt quickly to the new regulatory environment.

Emphasising responsible gambling

One of the main strategies adopted by operators is to emphasise responsible gambling in their marketing material, mentioning self-exclusion, deposit limits and vigorous testing. This not only helps to reduce negative perceptions of gambling, but is also in line with government objectives.

Increased focus on customer retention

With the ability to attract new customers through traditional advertising declining, many operators are focusing on retaining their existing customer base. This has led to increased investment in loyalty programmes, personalised offers and improved customer service. By providing an excellent experience, casinos aim to build long-term relationships with their players.

The new advertising rules have had a profound impact on the Latvian casino industry. By imposing stricter controls on the timing and manner of gambling advertising, the government aims to protect vulnerable citizens and promote responsible forms of gambling. While these measures have created challenges for operators, they have also encouraged innovation and a greater focus on customer retention.