How Card and Board Games Have Evolved in the Baltic Region

  • 2024-01-29

The evolution of card and board games has provided one of the most interesting developments in the gaming world since the turn of the century. How has this changed the way we play and what further changes can we expect in the future?

The Current Situation: Online Casino Games 

We can start by looking at the current situation, as the internet has completely changed how we play our favorite games. This has made it easier to access a huge range of different ways of playing at any time, While classic regional card games like Õnneratas and Potkatnoi from Estonia haven’t yet made a big impact online, it’s become possible to play many other games in this way.

When looking for current casino bonuses and promotions, you’ll see live casino offers, where the games take place in a studio setting. These games include roulette and baccarat but they are played in a fresh new way that makes it easier for newcomers to get started. The games themselves are evolving as well as the offers, as developers often include interesting details like multipliers and bonus rounds in addition to the traditional gameplay.    

Classic Card Games

We mentioned a couple of classic card games from Estonia earlier, and it’s clear that every country in the region has its own games even if they’re often variants of the same basic game. Latvians have Zole, which is a trick-taking game from the Schafkopf family. This means that it has a lot in common with Baśka in Poland and others from around Europe.

These games haven’t yet got online in many cases, despite live game providers in the region, such as Evolution, having their studios here and transmitting live across the planet. There is a chance for traditional Baltic card games to go online, as we can see from the example of Indian games such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar beginning to make inroads into global markets. The key issue is whether there’s a suitable Baltic card game that could be adapted for global audiences. 

Board Games Based on the Region

Baltic Empires: The Northern Wars of 1558-1721 is arguably the most popular board game based on this region. A strategy game for up to five players, it focuses on the power struggle between rivals including Sweden, Prussia, and Poland-Lithuania. Players need to build their armed forces and also create the strongest trading strategy possible.

Other interesting games from the Baltic states include 1918: Death on the Rails, which is about the Estonian War of Independence. Monopoly has also had a makeover here, with Lithuanian and Latvian versions among the options. Turning to Finland, Climate Puzzle is a game from D-mat that’s based on the idea of living a more sustainable lifestyle, but there is scope for new board games aimed at local and international markets.

This look at the evolution of different games has revealed that some industries are moving faster than others. While online card games are now easily accessible and many live games are beamed from there, there appears to be a gap in the market in terms of new board games and card games based on the Baltic culture.