Free Things to do in The Baltics

  • 2021-11-21

The symbol of the Baltic countries is the Curonian Spit, a unique sandy cultural landscape about 98 kilometres that separates the Curonian Lagoon in the east and the Baltic Sea in the west. This UNESCO world heritage site is not the only tourist attraction making these sister states touristically irresistible. Located in the northeastern region of Europe, the Baltic states are contained Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. When planning a trip to these states, exploring the tourist attractions is ensured with truly unique vacation spots there. For world travelers, here are the free things to do in the Baltics.

Go to a museum

People visit museums for different reasons but the common motivation is that these cultural places are a great opportunity to learn about the history and cultures of the Baltic countries. Actually, these vibrant states have always been recognized as home to flourishing museums. Some visitors affirmed that the Baltics have the best museums in the world so it is not surprising when people travel to visit these cultural heritages. When visiting Latvia, the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation is the oldest museum in Europe as it was created in 1773. Moreover, you can also visit the Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour museum in Estonia that features a World War II-era submarine as well as other ocean-associated artifacts.

Play Bingo

Historically, the bingo game was first appeared in Europe in the mid-1500s and has become an integral part of people’s life. Wherever you go, this social game’s popularity has broadened in the world including in the Baltic Republics. Apart from benefiting from a tenner no deposits for Bingo, you can also play the bingo with the Balts in a friendly atmosphere. Playing bingo together, gathering the family, friends, and colleagues has become a culture of the Baltic people. Visiting the bingo halls requires no budget as you can play the game for free. The gambling regulation in this territory is strict and focuses on protecting the players. Thus, those who want to play bingo online or offline are ensured that they will play in a safe and responsible mood.

Walk in the Park

Let’s admit that walking in the park can keep us physically and mentally healthy. As the pandemic increased our desire to be outside, a lot of opportunities enable the Baltic visitors to explore nature there. The sister countries in the Baltic do not only rank as the most walkable places in the globe but the number of national parks there are also remarkable. For example, in Eastern Estonia, don't pass up the chance to admire the impressive landscape of Alutaguse National Park, a recent and wild park established in 2018. In Vidzeme, Latvia, if you are a nature-loving person, you will surely find your happiness in Gauja National Park. Aukštaitija National Park in Aukštaitija, Lithuania is among the most visited protected areas mainly appreciated for its spectacle environment.

Sample Foods at the market

Visiting a country is a great occasion to sample various types of foods at the market. The gastronomic history in the Baltics has been shaped by its location and as the three states are bathed to the west by the Baltic Sea, be sure that the fish is the essential ingredient in the dishes there. Travelling to these regions enables you to enjoy the big and gastronomic dishes but if you want to taste the foods in the streets or on the market, be sure that you won't be disappointed. Satisfy your palate with the Halloumi fries, a bowl of paella, crispy calamari, and more while enjoying the festival music in the market or street.


Meeting people of different cultures will remain memorable chiefly when they are very welcoming like the Baltic people. In the Baltic countries, aside from appreciating the beauty of this location, a long list of distractions can be done freely. Everyone is able to enjoy the best entertainment and those who enjoy discovering museums or parks, playing bingo, and tasting market foods will certainly appreciate a few days' vacations in this northeastern region of Europe.