Four Best Online Payment Methods in 2024: An Overview

  • 2024-04-11

In this post, we discuss the top four payment methods that continue to gain popularity in 2024. Check them out for fast and safe payments online if you want to enjoy top-notch service quality. 

Due to high competition, end users can choose various payment methods with different fees, transaction limits, and service features. Feel free to use more than one payment method for different goals and tasks! 

Apple Pay

One of the most obvious payment methods that comes to mind is the one that many people today have in their mobile devices by default. Apple Pay e-wallet is built in iOS devices so you don’t even need to download and install it. 

Touch ID allows you to use Apple Pay safety for online and offline payments; it works even when you have no internet connection when you pay offline. Apple Pay works with all the major local banks in many countries and works for all products and businesses. 

Apple Pay is as safe as your smartphone is safe but one of the best things about it is its simplicity. No need for complicated registration or authorization, you can track your payments, and no commissions are to be paid by the end users. Only merchants pay their usual commissions to the payment gateways. 

Due to the convenience and reliability that Apple Pay offers, many Android device users would love to install it but this is impossible. 

Another important nuance that is also a disadvantage for many is that you cannot accept payments on your Apple Pay e-wallet (which means accepting it directly on your bank card or account). Apple Pay cannot also be topped up so its only function is to send payments for products and services. On the other hand, it’s free and has flexible limits so no wonder users are loyal to it. 

Google Pay 

Google Pay is a convenient e-wallet created primarily for Android-based devices although if you want to, you can also install it on an iOS device. 

Google Pay is quick, handy, and safe. It has no fees for the payers and only normal bank fees are to be paid by the merchants. 

Google Pay works online and offline and applies all the cutting-edge safety techniques to protect users’ data and funds. 

It is very simple and intuitive to use; you can connect different cards and accounts of local banks to it and pay for products and services online and offline. 

Google Pay has the same drawbacks as the previous method discussed. You cannot receive money on your e-wallet or top up your account because it is directly connected to the bank account and bank accounts usually do not tolerate such frivolity. 

Also, another natural consequence of Google Pay partnering directly with banks is that you cannot withdraw money from third-party websites to your e-wallet. 


Trustly is a revolutionary online payment method that pushes the boundaries of online payments that seemed to be set in stone just a couple of years ago. 

Trustly is not an e-wallet but rather a system that facilitates payments directly from and to (!) bank accounts, allowing users to pay for products and services online and even receive money from online merchants. 

You basically don’t need an account with Trustly. All you need to do to use it is to have an account at the bank that works with Trustly. When making an online payment, choose Trustly from the list of options and trigger the identification process. 

Trustly does not keep users’ data so it cannot be breached for the sake of stealing it. It also doesn’t share users’ data with online merchants. What it does is connect with the bank to verify the user, and after the user is verified by the bank, Trustly simply signals the online merchant that the verification is complete. This way, both the bank and the merchant are aware that the payment is legit but no personal data is shared. Trustly acts as a gateway and an extra layer of security for the sensitive information that is shared online. 

One of the best things about Trustly is the option of accepting payments from third-party websites (if they are reliable enough, that is). This is a huge breakthrough in the industry of online payments because banks are extremely reluctant to allow such payments. However, Trustly is so good that if you happen to win some money at the best online casino that is legit, you can withdraw your winnings via Trustly and the bank will not suspend the transaction. 

Also, currently, no fees are applied to end users, but in some cases, normal bank transaction fees may occur. 


Neosurf has two options - an e-wallet and a voucher. An e-wallet is pretty typical, you can connect it to your accounts, top it up, send and receive money, and everything only takes a small fee every time. 

However, the voucher is far more interesting due to its safety mechanics. 

To pay for anything online, you don’t need an account and you also don’t need to expose any sensitive data to the merchant. The prepaid voucher has a code that you have to provide to make a payment, and this is it. 

More and more websites and merchants accept Neosurf due to its convenience. You can buy a voucher online or offline without any data exposure at all. The best thing is that Neosurf codes do not expire. 

Overspending is not a problem with Neosurf because you can only spend as much as you have on the voucher. You can use the sum in parts and don’t have to spend it all in one transaction. However, you cannot use more than one voucher to increase the sum you can pay in a single transaction. 

If you are not sure how much money is left on your voucher just check it on the Neosurf website.