Europe's New Pact on Migration and Asylum will reduce migrants' chances of breaching asylum procedure - ministry

  • 2024-03-14
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The new European Pact on Migration and Asylum will reduce migrants' chances to violate the asylum procedure, Kaspars Abolins, Deputy State Secretary of the Interior Ministry, stressed at the Saeima citizenship, migration and community integration committee meeting.

He pointed out that the regulation could enter into force no earlier than mid-2026 and would have minimal consequences for Latvia, as many of the mechanisms contained in the pact are already included in the migration law.

The new pact contains a number of elements that will reduce the migrant's ability to manipulate the asylum procedure in order to obstruct it.

As reported, the European Union (EU) Member States and the European Parliament agreed late last year on a reform of the EU asylum system that will significantly tighten asylum procedures.

The reform includes faster screening of illegal migrants, the creation of detention centers at borders, faster deportation of rejected asylum seekers and a solidarity mechanism to relieve pressure on southern countries with large influxes of migrants.

The reform provides for a much stricter treatment of people from countries considered relatively safe. Pending a legal decision on their asylum application, asylum seekers will be accommodated in reception centers with strict rules.

Under the new system, the distribution of asylum seekers among the bloc's 27 member states will be reorganized as a  solidarity mechanism.

If a country is unwilling to take in refugees, it is obliged to provide support in other ways, such as financial compensation.