Estonian art & tech farm Maajaam is opening “Wild Bits” - an outdoor exhibition of technological art

  • 2024-05-14

Estonian art & tech farm Maajaam announces the opening of "Wild Bits," an outdoor exhibition showcasing technological art. Scheduled to debut on May 25th, this exhibition is one of the highlights of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.

Featuring 15 installations by renowned technological artists alongside emerging talents, "Wild Bits" invites visitors to explore the intersecting realms of nature, humanity, and technology amidst the domed landscape of Southern Estonia. The exhibition is open from the 25th of May until 15th of September and is suitable for exploring with the whole family. 

As visitors traverse the 3 km long curated path, they'll encounter installations that challenge perceptions and provoke thoughts. Guests are welcome to enjoy the world wind radio and the forest perfumery, transport pine cones out of the forest on a conveyor belt, empathise with the robot with a seemingly impossible task or, instead, row into the middle of the forest lake and study its biodiversity like a scientist.

"”Wild Bits” exhibition is unique in both its scale and theme in the Estonian and European context – it brings contemporary technological artworks into the heart of nature," explains one of the exhibition's organisers and co-curators, Mari-Liis Rebane.

Participating artists: Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Marco Barotti (IT), Julijonas Urbonas (LT), Uģis Albiņš (LV, Anna Tamm and Vinzenz Leutenegger (EE/CH), Varvara & Mar (EE/ES), Jeanne Harignordoquy (FR), Janis Polar (CH), Greg Orrom Swan (UK), Andreas Zißler, Fabian Lanzmaier and Klemens Kohlweis (AT), Mohar Kalra (US), Claudia O’Steen and Aly Ogasian (US), heidundgriess (DE), Studio Watershore (TW), Johan Kirsimäe and Markus Varki (EE). 

“Wild Bits” exhibition is organised by technology and art farm Maajaam, with a curatorial team consisting of Timo Toots, Mari-Liis Rebane, Taavi Suisalu, Kadri Lind and Marie Valgre.

European Capital of Culture partners are A. Le Coq, Delfi Meedia, Topauto I Citroën and Lux Express.

Exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Centre of Folk Culture, Embassy of Germany in Estonia, Austrian Embassy in Tallinn, British Council, Institut Français, Creative Europe, Raitwood, Palmako, Sunly, Balbiino, Härmavili, Valio, I.L.U. 

Project partners are cultural organisation Ascendum (LV), creative agency Kemmler Kemmler (DE), art space in the wild SAVVAĻA (LV).