Dry and hot summer is forecast in Europe

  • 2022-05-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Across Europe, with the exception of areas in the north, the summer of 2022 is expected to be warmer and drier than normal, according to the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

May is expected to be colder than usual in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia, while the average monthly air temperature in the rest of Europe is expected to be above normal.

In June, July and August, only in some places in Scandinavia and Russia will the air temperature forecast be in line with the average, but in the rest of Europe - above normal, even well above normal.

Summer is forecast to be particularly hot and dry in southern and central Europe.

In the Baltic States, all of the summer months are forecast to be warmer and drier than usual, but the projected deviations from the norm will not be as great as in central and southern Europe.

Already next week, air temperatures in many parts of Western and Central Europe are expected to rise to +30 degrees.

In Latvia, starting from Sunday, May 8, cooler weather will return for a while, but over the next week the temperature will gradually rise and can sometimes rise slightly above +20 degrees. There will be frequent wind gusts and occasional showers.

At night on May 9, the air temperature in many places in Latvia will drop to 0 ..- 4 degrees, frost is expected in some places at night on May 10 as well, after which frosts are no longer expected next week, but it is impossible to say whether the frost will return this season.