Defying boundaries, captivating senses – Lukas Gecevicius’ pursuit to advancing human perception

  • 2024-05-13
  • Linas Jegelevicius

Lukas Gecevicius is a visionary Lithuanian multidisciplinary artist who has made a name for himself through his innovative and immersive virtual experiences. Drawing inspiration from his cultural heritage and global experiences, Gecevicius infuses his art with a unique blend of storytelling and cutting-edge technology.

Through Level Eleven Studio (LVL11.STUDIO) and, previously, Aetherways, you represent, some say, a unique form of art, combining motion graphics design, 3D animation and illustration. Are you really a trail blazer?

I wouldn’t say I’m a trailblazer, but I have certainly carved out a unique niche of digital art that signals an authentic perspective of the human experience – it’s one in which we coexist in a fluent symbiosis, immersed in a melting pot of a cross-cultural fiber. My goal is to push the boundaries of what’s possible with digital tools and create immersive experiences that captivate the senses and push human perceptions to new uncharted heights.

How did you evolve to where you are now?

My artistic journey has been an evolution fueled by a deep fascination with technology, a passion for design, and a desire to use my craft to explore the human condition.

From my early days as a motion graphics designer to my current role as media artist, I’ve constantly sought new ways to challenge myself and expand the possibilities of visual storytelling.

How much of the magic creativity you have is embedded in your genome, the upbringing and education and the experiences you have had? And what comes from the Above?

I believe my creativity is a blend of emotional intelligence, rigorous training, and the rich tapestry of my life experiences. My upbringing and education provided a strong foundation, but it’s the moments of wonder, discovery, and connection that truly feed my imagination. There’s an element of the divine, the “Above” as you say, that I can’t fully explain, but it’s what imbues my work with a sense of magic and transcendence.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere – the natural world, the vibrant cultures and communities around me, the work of other visionary artists, and the stories and perspectives of the people I encounter. I’m endlessly curious and always seeking new sources of wonder and insight to incorporate into my practice.

When I see your works, I feel like sighing in disbelief: “Cosmic! Alien-like!” What compliments are dearest to you?

Hearing my work described as “cosmic” or “alien-like” is truly humbling. It means I’ve succeeded in transporting the viewer to realms beyond the ordinary, tapping into the universal mysteries that lie at the heart of the human experience. Those are the kinds of compliments that resonate most deeply with me.

Recently, you’ve partnered with a famed Lithuanian break dancer, World Champion and a future Olympics contestant B-girl Nicka, in creating her personalized sportswear collection. Please tell me why it is special. 

Collaborating with B-girl Nicka on a sportswear collection was a special honor. Her dedication, courage, and expressive energy are truly inspiring, and I saw an opportunity to fuse her athletic prowess with the conceptual world of Aetherways. The result is a unique fusion of sport, art, and technology that celebrates the power of the human spirit.

You’ve worked with some really big names, like Red Bull, Puma, haven’t you? The competition was 1 out of 1 million to get hired by them, wasn’t it?

Working with global brands like Red Bull and Puma has been an incredible privilege, but it’s also a testament to the hard work, innovation, and creative vision that I bring to the table. The competition may be fierce, but I’m driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

You have your creative studio in the funky Vilnius district, Uzupis, don’t you?

Yes, my creative studio is nestled in the vibrant Uzupis district of Vilnius, a place that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of my work – a harmonious blend of the traditional and the avant-garde, the local and the global. It’s a constant source of inspiration and a hub for the creative community.

Where do you want to see yourself next?

As for the future, I’m excited to continue exploring the frontiers of immersive art and technology. I want to create experiences that transport viewers to new realms of understanding, that foster empathy and connection, and that inspire them to see the world in a different light. The possibilities are endless, and I’m eager to continue pushing the boundaries of human perceptions.

But I reckon Mr AI (artificial intelligence) is a serious contender along your way? Can you outperform it?

While I certainly respect the capabilities of AI systems, I don’t see them as direct competitors. Instead, I view them as tools that may broaden my creative repertoire. My art is rooted in a deep understanding of the human experience, a sensitivity to cultural nuance, and a unique creative vision that transcends the purely algorithmic.