Deel: Winds of Change in the Job Market in 2024

  • 2023-12-22

Respect for employees' time for self-development, emphasis on skills over diplomas, and the opportunity to turn dissatisfaction with work into a fertile ground for change—these are just a few of the trends that will likely dominate the international job market in 2024. The experts at the international HR management platform, Deel, have compiled seven workplace trends for the coming year.

"Deel's observations indicate that following the trend adopted in the international job market this year, remote work and the opportunity to hire employees beyond national borders will continue to play a significant role next year as well. The use of artificial intelligence solutions and employees' skills in employing them wisely will become increasingly important. However, the role of human connection and the significance of each individual's well-being and self-growth will also become more crucial. In a digital environment where effortlessly hiring employees worldwide or finding one's dream profession on the other side of the world without leaving home is possible, the true winners will be those who recognize the human connections and the genuine value of employee well-being," predicts Liina Laas, Expansion Manager for Central and Eastern Europe at Deel.

Airplane Mode. Have you ever yearned for a moment of peace amidst a hectic workday? Have you wished to turn off your phone and close your email to immerse yourself in a truly inspiring task? Experts recommend doing just that! To promote deep focus, employees are advised to activate airplane mode on their devices for 100 minutes and use this time for reading, planning, brainstorming, or anything else that contributes to self-growth and productivity. This could soon become a standard practice embraced by employers.

“Skills First” Approach. The era when a candidate's CV was overshadowed by the diploma of their education is likely in the past. Companies worldwide increasingly support the idea that a person with the right skills is suitable for a job, even without spending six years in college or holding prestigious positions in other companies.

Rage Applying. Haven't received the expected raise? The boss behaving poorly? Feeling discontent in your job? Perhaps it's worth trying a new tactic—using anger as a catalyst for change. Instead of suffering in silence, consider applying for job opportunities elsewhere; this can help you emotionally unload while simultaneously exploring the job market to see if better opportunities exist. Sometimes, it's indeed necessary to seek greener pastures, but it should be done cautiously. Don't burn all your bridges prematurely!

The five-day office week is dead. Who even came up with such a rule? Despite companies trying to persuade and motivate employees to return to the office full time, at least part of the work will continue to be remote. This reality, introduced by the forced circumstances of the pandemic, has become a favored work format that has become a permanent part of our daily lives. Despite the benefits such as a better work-life balance, the opportunity to work anywhere globally without leaving home, and the time and money saved by not commuting to the office every day, it is all worth it.

Queenagers. Meet a new category of employees – women who started their careers in the 1980s and were forced to break through the glass ceiling, becoming ambitious corporate forces with typically ages ranging from 45 to 65, grown (or almost grown) children, and relatively high incomes. Hopefully, this trend will become the norm!

Additional Work for Social Life Balance. To compensate for the social void created by remote work outside the office, more and more people willingly take on small weekend jobs where contact with others is essential. The role of a host or bartender is particularly in demand.

Unfiltered Zooming. No digitally created background! In recent years, there have been increasing calls to put an end to excessive social media filters and the use of Photoshop. In 2024, it will be a breath of fresh air in the digital environment to promote an authentic culture in remote work. The real, authentic background in an employee's video conferences and remote meetings is part of their identity, so there's no need to hide it. A bit of tidiness is advisable, though – a touch of professionalism always goes a long way!

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