Curds in bifidoyoghurt, cereal and Latvian fruit – “Food Union” invests EUR 60,000 in creating six new kinds of “Lakto”

  • 2021-12-01

Fermented dairy products play a more and more significant role in habits of healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Therefore, Latvia’s leading dairy company “Food Union” has invested EUR 60,000 in expanding the range of its healthiest “Lakto” products. As a result, the company’s Center of Excellence for Fresh Dairy Products (Riga) has created six innovative and multifunctional fermented dairy products (three products edible with a spoon and three drinkable products), that will be exclusivley available only in Latvia because of their fresh and probiotic features.

For the first time “Lakto” products will include an innovative combination of fermented dairy products – skim milk curds in bifidoyoghurt in three flavors:

- The most universal product is classical “Lakto” in 320 g jar – it contains only bifido yoghurt and skim milk curds. The product contains the valuable bifidobacteria and much protein that will nourish the body with energy and strengthen immunity. The classical “Lakto” is not sweetened (it contains only natural milk-sugar or lactose), therefore it has neutral, soft flavor and it goes well with fruit, berries, honey and nuts, as well as with vegetables and herbs.

- Alongside, two “Lakto” curds-yoghurts are offered in 140 g two-part container with a separately packaged sea buckthorn-yellow plum or raspberry-chia seeds mix-ins.

“The new “Lakto” curds-yoghurt will be a surprising discovery for everyone who is looking for maximum functionality in one fermented dairy product – natural ingredients, much protein, valuable bifidobacteria, no added sugars and comparatively few calories. What is especially innovative – the consumer may choose the mix-in for this unique and healthy snack,” said Ilona Jarosa, the manager of “Food Union” dairy product brands.

These three kinds of “Lakto” curds bifidoyoghurt, edible with a spoon, are produced in “Food Union” specialized plant “Valmieras piens” (Valmiera). More than 25 years ago, Vidzeme dairy masters together with Latvian food scientists developed the basic formula for “Lakto” – adding acidified milk bacteria to high-value fresh milk, obtaining fermented dairy product that is healthy, promotes the natural regeneration of the microflora of the digestive system and improves immunity.

As consumers most often prefer drinkable “Lakto” products, this line has three new products, providing tasty liquid meals, rich in nutrients:

- Two new “Lakto Graudi” fermented dairy product flavors in 280 g jars, rich in fibers, have been created – one with cereal and sea buckthorn- yellow plum flavor, the other – with granola and raspberry flavor.
- One more flavor is added to the largest “Lakto” product line of 450 g packaging – yellow plum-quince fermented dairy drink with acidophile and bifidobacteria. This new product has reduced sugar contents (8.4 g), and thus it meets the Cabinet of Ministers regulation No. 172 for use in kindergartens and schools as a healthy food product.

Drinkable “Lakto” products are easy to carry because they are packaged in sortable and recyclable, thus, environmentally-friendly PET bottles in the company’s main plant “Rigas piena kombinats” (Riga). The new products are available on “Food Union” internet store, as well as Rimi, Maxima, Mego, Beta, Narvesen, Circle K, Elkor, Elvi, Lats and TOP retail chains, as well as the small local groceries.

More information on “Lakto” is available on internet website and the brand’s social networks Facebook @laktolatvija and Instagram @lakto_latvija.

About Food Union group:
“Food Union” is the largest dairy company in Latvia and the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic countries. “Food Union” group is made up of three largest dairy companies and ice cream makers in Latvia – “Rigas Piena Kombinats”, “Valmieras Piens”, and “Rigas Piensaimnieks” (“Rigas Piena Kombinats” joined in February 2020), Estonia’s largest ice cream maker “Premia” and “Premia” in Lithuania, the leading Danish ice cream producer “Premier Is” and Danish ice cream distribution company “Hjem Is”, Norway’s ice cream company “Isbjørn Is” and ice cream delivery service company “Den Norske Isbilen”, Romanian ice cream maker “Alpin57Lux”, and ice cream company “Ingman Ice Cream” in Belarus and “Hladkombinat No.1” in Russia. In 2018 “Food Union” opened two dairy and children’s product plants in China. In 2020, “Food Union” group achieved EUR 294 million in turnover.
“Food Union” group companies currently employ over 3,100 persons.