• 2018-02-01
  • The Baltic Times

The Boris Lurie Foundation brought The Baltic Times‘ attention about several misstatements in Maria Rabinovich‘s article „A Lithuanian artist on show in Havana“ published in our January issue. The author misstated that Boris Lurie is Lithuanian. As a matter of fact, he is Latvian. The foundation hired Joan Guita, the art curator from Mallorca.  Jorge Fernandez is the director of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Mr. Boris wanted to go back to live in Europe, but excluded Germany as his place of living.  Mr. Lurie didn't start the foundation after his father died- the foundation was started after Boris Lurie died.  Boris Lurie inherited money from his father, but also made a lot of money playing penny stocks.  The foundation was Mr Boris's wish. 

The corrections were provided by Chris Shultz, the Collections Manager at The Boris Lurie Foundation.