Canadian Fireproof Safes From INKAS Safes - Safety You Can Trust

  • 2024-02-22

The safety of your priceless property is guaranteed only with a lockbox you can fully rely on. For over 25 years INKAS Safes Manufacturing has been making top-of-the-line lockers that keep your property intact from heat, water, drilling, and dropping. Their fireproof and waterproof safes are designed for long life spans, with the latest technology and round-the-clock testing. In this article, we will learn why the industry recognizes this company as the premier brand in flameproof vaults in North America. 

INKAS Safe Manufacturing is a Canadian company that has been making lockers that are designed to preserve and protect belongings from damage. Their products are built to resist fire up to 1700° F for 2 hours, thus keeping the contents safe in extreme fire outbreaks.

The manufacturer uses only the best materials: steel plates carefully welded together are the most reliable. Another feature of their products is the use of thermo-activated sealing, which expands when the temperature rises and blocks the penetration of smoke and heat. Their products protect from burglary efforts because the hinges and bolts are hidden. Here are the greatest strengths of their products:

- Superior Protection: the units are tested for external temperatures up to 1700°F for 2 hours while maintaining internal temperature under 350°F which warranty documents, jewelry, and other significant things. They greatly surpass the fire protection standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), compared to the majority of residential and commercial vaults they offer.

- Built to Last: the enterprise has created lockers with the concept of durability in mind. They use high-quality heavy gauge steel, reinforced doors, and walls, making them very solid. Other security features of the products include high-security locks, tamper-proof doors, and hidden hinges that protect against physical attacks. The safe is designed to provide resistance against fire and robbery for generations to come.

- Customizable and Convenient: fireproof vaults are offered in different sizes that can suit both home and business needs. The safes may be also customized with electronic locks, more locking bolts, anchor hold, and premium finishes. 

This company is the choice brand for reliable lockboxes in Canada. Their solid construction, customizable options, and focus on quality have become the central identity of the state manufacturing industry. 

Their product range comprises small units for documents and large commercial ones for the safety of high-value inventories. Vaults can be of various types, and many of them can also be customized with extra shelves, drawers, and baskets for better organization. Spanning a wide variety of choices, you will find the one that meets your individual needs and safety standards.

What Type of Fire Safety Rating is Best to Choose?

Fire rating is often overlooked, but it should be one of the main factors you look at. It is recommended to purchase lockers with a fire endurance of at least 1 hour. Vaults with a fire rating of less than 1 hour will not provide adequate protection in a typical house or office. Why spend your hard-earned money on a product that won't protect your important papers, guns, ammo, or other items during a fire? 

To conclude, INKAS Safes Manufacturing company is a creator of the best quality fireproof safe in Canada providing superior defense for your valuables with leading-edge features. With multiple layers of fireproof insulation, precise engineering, and high-security locks, you can be confident your assets are undamaged. Their Canadian-made products assure you that what's most important will be there when you need it.