Bite Latvia invests 5 million euros to implement Nokia's latest generation IP network and security technologies

  • 2024-02-26

Bite Latvija, one of the leading ICT service providers in Latvia, in cooperation with Nokia, a global technology leader, has taken an important step in the development of its fixed network infrastructure, becoming the first operator in the Baltics and one of the first in Europe to integrate Nokia 800GE routing technology and revolutionary security solution Nokia Deepfield Defender into its IP transport networks. These technologies form a unified Nokia ecosystem, which ensures unmatched network security and data flow efficiency.

Nokia's innovative technologies, in the implementation of which Bite Latvia invests 5 million euros, allow the company not only to make the network more efficient and safer, but also to improve the quality of existing services, forming the basis for future innovations and services that will be in demand in the context of the 5G network. 

Given the increasing volume and complexity of cyber threats in the digital environment, Nokia Deepfield Defender ensure the Bite Latvia network is ready to protect itself and its customers against new and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. This is particularly important today, when data security and privacy are becoming an increasingly important priority for consumers and businesses.

"The introduction of Nokia technologies into Bite Latvia's infrastructure is especially significant in this era, given the rapid deployment of 5G technology and exponentially increasing data consumption. 5G networks provide significantly faster data transmission, lower latency, and the ability to simultaneously serve a significantly larger number of devices. This means that the ability of the network infrastructure to ensure high security standards and efficient data flow becomes more important than ever," says Renāts Fasuļins, Head of ICT Solutions at Bite Latvia.

By investing in Nokia Deepfield Defender, Bite Latvija strengthens its position as an innovation leader, offering business customers the opportunity to integrate this security solution into their infrastructure without having to make direct capital payouts themselves. This type of approach also allows companies in other sectors to access technologies that were previously only available to large network operators, thus facilitating the availability of security and innovation to a wider range of customers.

Jeff Smith, Vice President and General Manager of Nokia Deepfield, said: “Bite Latvija is the first operator in the Baltics and one of the first in Europe to combine Nokia 800GE routing technology with Deepfield Defender into the next-generation DDoS security solution. Using Deepfield Defender’s AI-driven big data network analytics to detect threats in real time and drive agile network-wide mitigation, the Nokia DDoS security solution will provide Bite Latvija with the exceptional ability to defend its network and services against complex cyber-threats, including DoS and DDoS attacks, and deliver an unrivaled level of protection to their customers.” 

Nokia Deepfield Defender uses extensive data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to identify and address threats in real time, protecting the network from potential cyberattacks before they can cause harm. The solution ensures that Bite Latvia network infrastructure is not only protected, but also able to effectively respond to any security challenges, thus ensuring higher quality and security of internet access for customers.

The Nokia DDoS security solution will also use existing Nokia IP service routing platforms, based on its FP5 network processor, which empowers Bite to efficiently scale network capacity and enable new higher speed IP services through support for high-density, power-efficient 800GE routing interfaces. 

"Our strategy is clear – to offer our customers not only technologically high-quality services, but also to do so responsibly and sustainably. The integration of Nokia Deepfield Defender into our network infrastructure is a step forward on our path to this goal, providing our customers with unmatched quality of service and network security," adds Renāts Fasuļins.

About Bite Latvija

Bite is the fastest growing information and communication technology company in Latvia, which for more than a decade has been providing modern, innovative mobile and fixed communications services that meet the needs of customers, next-generation television Go3 and integrated ICT solutions for business customers. The company invests about 10% of its turnover annually in the development of mobile network infrastructure and services. Currently, Bite Latvija 5G is available to 1,000,000 residents of Latvia.