Betting on Dog Racing Guide

  • 2024-05-10

Dog races have been around since the 19th century and spectators guess which dog will finish first. Normally, the so-called greyhounds run 480 meters, in contrast to the smaller breeds, which have to cover a shorter distance as quickly as possible.

Dog racing is probably one of the less common sports among non GamStop casino sites providers, but it does have a loyal following. Dog races are held regularly, especially in Great Britain, and are very popular. Some online bookmakers offer dog racing bets as part of their portfolio for their customers, while other betting providers even focus on such events. We explain what is important and worth knowing when it comes to dog racing betting.

Dog Racing Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers – an Overview of the Most Important Rules

The rules of dog racing are similar in some respects to those of horse racing. There are participants who compete against each other and have to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Spectators can bet on which dog will win or come in first. In addition to the races on the fixed racetrack, where only speed counts, there are also so-called coursing competitions in which the hunting behavior of the participating dogs primarily plays a role.

The speed races are the ones that are most often offered by non GamStop bookmakers on ninewin. Six dogs compete against each other in each race. The race tracks are 300 to 500 meters long. To ensure that the dogs actually start running, a “false rabbit” is sent ahead and the dogs chase after it.

There Is No Betting Success Without Knowledge

Of course, the sports bettor must also be well versed in the world of dog racing in order to be able to place successful bets. However, it is not that easy to obtain extensive information, although observing the results of a racing season can also bring a lot. In this way, successful dogs can be identified as well as breeders who often send the particularly successful participants into the race.

What Betting Markets Are There for Dog Racing at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

There are further similarities to horse racing when it comes to betting options. In addition to betting on the race winners, there are numerous other betting markets:

Win Bets

In addition to the classic winning bet, there is other variations of this bet, such as:

- Daily Double: Here the sports bettor decides on two dog races that take place on the same day and predicts the winner of both races. The bets must be made before the start of the first race so that the two bets are not counted as individual bets.

- Pick 3-Pick 6 bets: Here the sports bettor sets three to six races in which he predicts the winners. Logically, the more bets, the higher the odds. One wrong tip is enough for the entire pick bet to be void.

Place Bets

- Place: whoever makes such a bet is not betting that the selected dog will end up in first or second place. This increases the chances of winning compared to the win bet, but usually has lower odds.

- Eachway: Here the betting customer bets on victory AND place. If the selected dog crosses the finish line first, the sports bettor wins both the win and the place bet. If the dog comes in second place, the win bet is lost but the place bet is won.

- Show: This betting variant is about the dog taking one of the first three places - which place it will ultimately be is irrelevant.

- Across the Board: This is a combination bet of Win, Place and Show. If the dog wins the race, the betting slip holder is happy about winnings from all three bets. If the animal takes second place, the place and show bets count. If the racing dog lands in third place, the betting customer can still collect the winnings from the show bet.

Show Bets

- Forecast : Here two dogs are selected that will cross the finish line before the other race participants and it is also determined in which order the dogs cross the finish line.

- Quiniela / Reverse Forecast : Here the bettor selects two dogs that will take the first two places and the order in which they cross the finish line does not matter.

- Trifecta / Tricast / Treble Forecast : Such bets work in the same way as the forecast variant, but with three dogs instead of two.

- Superfecta : This variant involves four dogs and the exact order of their placements.