Avia Solutions Group captivates with its culture of embracing adventure, overcoming challenges, fostering diversity and inclusiveness

  • 2024-01-30

Avia Solutions Group, the world's largest ACMI provider, currently owning a fleet of 199 aircraft and operating in 68 countries worldwide, highlights its team of over 11,700 highly skilled aviation professionals. The company is proud to be a multinational voice in the industry. 

The Baltic Times Magazine asked some of them to answer the questions:

1. How did you end up being in Avia Solutions Group?

2. What fascinates and motivates you about Avia Solutions Group most? 

3. What do you expect from 2024 for yourself and Avia Solutions Group?

Ugne Maciejauskaite, Aviation Safety Manager at Avia Solutions Group:

1. My aviation career began with one of Avia Solutions Group's subsidiary companies – BAA Training. Later, I worked in several international companies outside of Lithuania, so my return "home" was unexpected but very significant. Avia Solutions Group has grown into a large international company with many different areas of expertise in the aviation world. The group employs top-level managers and specialists with extensive experience. It's nice that I can not only learn new things but also share my experience and knowledge both with Avia Solutions Group and with subsidiary companies.

2. I am motivated by the international nature of the company, its multiculturalism, and the opportunity to directly contribute to ensuring safe operations and continuous improvement on a global scale. It's interesting to observe how consistently good results are achieved in different cultures.

3. I wish Avia Solutions Group success in keeping its position as a global company and further increasing the Group's recognition in the aviation industry. Additionally, ensuring the safe expansion of the Group so that it can continue to provide a wide and secure range of services to both clients and passengers.

For myself, I wish not to lose the determination to move forward, to maintain consistency in achieving the goals of ensuring aviation safety throughout the Group, and to remain open to all experiences and potential challenges. This will make us even better.

Musa Malone Lawal, Compliance Manager at Avia Solutions Group:

1. Avia Solutions Group captivated me with its culture of embracing adventure, overcoming challenges, and fostering diversity and inclusiveness in the aviation realm. The opportunity to contribute to something larger than myself, alongside a team dedicated to pushing boundaries while celebrating diverse perspectives, made choosing Avia Solutions Group an exciting and fulfilling decision.

2. The most captivating aspect of working at Avia Solutions Group for me, as a Compliance Manager, lies in the dynamic interplay between my role and the internationality of the aviation industry. Navigating the complex landscape of regulations and ensuring compliance on a global scale is both challenging and immensely rewarding. Additionally, the opportunity to collaborate with diverse colleagues who bring a wealth of expertise to the table adds an extra layer of motivation, making every day a new and exciting learning experience.

3. In 2024, I envision a continued personal and professional growth journey within Avia Solutions Group. As a Compliance Manager, I aim to further refine my expertise and contribute to the company's commitment to excellence in compliance and ethical practices. I anticipate exciting challenges that will push both me and the Group to new heights, fostering innovation and resilience in the ever-evolving aviation industry. Looking ahead, I see a year of achievements, collaborative success, and a shared commitment to shaping the future of the aviation industry.

Silvia Rodriguez Boza, ESG Manager at Avia Solutions Group:

1. I was drawn to the role of ESG manager at Avia Solutions Group due to its alignment with my preferences, expectations, and prior experience. Given that this position was newly established, I perceived Avia Solutions Group as an ideal environment to leverage my past expertise, foster creativity, confront challenges, and further my professional growth.

2. I find Avia Solutions Group to be an international environment to work in, where I am in constant connection with colleagues from different backgrounds, cultures, and ways of working. I adapt and absorb new knowledge daily. The Group is made up of great diversity, and this motivates me every day, creating a dynamic environment. In addition, the aviation sector is continuously growing, which allows me to continue developing and progressing professionally.

3. Continuous progress and development are at the forefront and are always part of my expectations. I anticipate the establishment of different and robust projects that will contribute significantly to the value of Avia Solutions Group.

Daniel Williams, Head of Copy & Creative at Avia Solutions Group:

1. Having moved to Vilnius from London, I wanted to find an international company that could match my ambition for professional growth while also offering an opportunity to lead a creative team. Although Avia Solutions Group is a large multinational corporation, our Marketing Department has an agency-style 'feel,' and that's why I feel so at home here. I came from a sports marketing and entertainment background, and I've been able to use that experience in some projects. But why aviation? Well, my father was in the Royal Air Force for 20 years as a helicopter engineer, so aviation has always been in the family, and I've always had a natural interest. Being able to pair my skills as a content marketer in this field has been a great match, but I also have my wonderful colleagues to thank. We have a great team with a brilliant sense of humor, which is vital for me!

2. As Head of Content & Creative within the group marketing team, I get to meet people from a range of subsidiary companies from around the world. Avia Solutions Group has 17 different business lines within our network, so I get the opportunity to meet lots of specialists from all sectors of the industry, working with them to deliver creative content marketing solutions.

3. 2024 is an exciting year for Avia Solutions Group, as it will be the first whole year where the aviation industry is back to pre-pandemic levels in terms of passengers and growth. Year-on-year, the group usually welcomes at least one more company into the group, expanding our portfolio of services. For myself, I'm looking forward to helping our group marketing department grow, welcoming new external business, and driving exciting projects from a content perspective. I'm also keen to ensure my immediate team are happy in their roles and is developing as creative marketers.

Yaoju Yu, Marketing Project Manager at Avia Solutions Group:

1. I initially joined Locatory.com, a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, as a sales manager. Aviation was a "cool" industry to work in, and I was able to use my language skills (Chinese). On the other hand, there weren't many jobs for foreigners who didn't speak Lithuanian, so I could say I was fortunate that Locatory chose me.

Then I got the opportunity to join Avia Solutions Group and support the group's development in Asia, and now I'm in the field of marketing.

2. The aviation industry, colleagues/managers, internationality (I've had the chance to work with subsidiaries/colleagues from different countries), and the financial benefits, of course.

3. Constant learning and opportunities to work with new companies and types of projects (supporting subsidiaries with marketing needs), along with the continuous expansion of Avia Solutions Group.

Maybe some development in Taiwan so I can take a business trip and visit home at the same time.

Silvija Sileike, Chief Communications Officer at Avia Solutions Group:

1. Avia Solutions Group captivated me with its international mindset, global presence, and numerous opportunities. The company is the largest ACMI provider in the world. I wanted to be part of an organization that is a market leader and constantly improves pursuing ambitious goals. Working with such a company's communication is a pleasant professional challenge.

2. Ambitious goals, global expansion, and achievements of the group motivate and inspire me to always seek more. I'm fascinated by how quickly the company evolves, grows, and discovers new opportunities. Every day here is full of challenges and big opportunities, which always makes me set bold goals for myself and my team.

3. New growth opportunities and success. I think that with a professional team like Avia Solutions Group colleagues, only the sky is the limit.