At the premiere of the Film MŪZA in Vilnius a bouquet in the colors of Monaco lights up the parterre Prof Franco Borruto President of Monaco Baltic State hommage Mūza Rubackytė

  • 2024-02-20

On February 15.2024, at the "Forum Cinema Vingis" of Vilnius, was shown the Première of a movie starring Mūza Rubackytė. The music of the movie was from her album "Melancholija". Among the numerous guests were Alix Everard, the French Embassador to Lithuania, Simonas Kairys ,Minister for Culture, Arûnas Duikys, Minister for Health, Valda Bergunskad, Vilnius City Mayor, Valdas Benkunskas,Advidor to the Président of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausédas.

The date of the red carpet Première for the documentary "MŪZA " was not chosen by chance, the following day is the National Day of Lithuany

"My destiny unfold at the same time as that of Lithuany "says the pianist Mūza Rubackytė.

Bssides the extraordinaire music performance , the film has a strong motif of freedom.

The script describes how à talented person could persue her dreams in à Soviet-era prison. The music and emotion of the narration are captivating.

I would take that movie and show it on October 23, 2024 in Monaco, at the Auditorim Raimier III , déclared Prof.F.Borruto. In addition, I prepare a nice surprise for the public,he said.

Wait and see..!