Art Exhibition of Zolitūde tragedy youngest victim, Latvian painter, lithography artist - Daina Skadmane

  • 2018-01-15
  • Anda Skadmane/TBT Staff

A twin-sister Anda Skadmane is organising her beloved twin sister’s Art Exhibition, Daina Skadmane’s ART WORLD. 23 year old Daina Skadmane and her father were killed on November 21, 2013 in the Zolitūde shopping centre roof collapse in Riga, Latvia, the third worst roof disaster in Europe in 30 years.

Rietumu Bank Art Gallery will launch the first Art Exhibition “ART WORLD" of Daina Skadmane (1990-2013) on 16th January at 17:00 (Rietumu Art Galler, 7 Vesetas Street, Riga, LV-1013).

Daina Skadmane (March 19, 1990 – November 21, 2013) was a Latvian painter, lithography artist and Art Academy of Latvia student, she left more than 342 art works, her name is associated with the artwork "Vēja egle" (Christmas Tree in The Wind) in Riga, Latvia. In 2013, the President of Latvia Andris Bērziņš decided to use Daina's artwork "Vēja egle" for the National Christmas card 2013 which was sent to world leaders, in 2014 the Latvian Post (Latvijas Pasts) issued a special envelope with the artwork “Vēja egle” image.

Other notable art works are “Frida” (Frida Michelson, a Latvian Jew and Holocaust survivor) included in the book, memoirs “I survived Rumbuli”, Holocaust art "Landscape scene" (2006) locates at The Elie Wiesel Archive, Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University, United States.

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