Šiauliai International Airport opens a unique investment window: the last vacant plot is put up for auction

  • 2023-11-30

Šiauliai International Airport, located in Lithuania, announced this week the auction of the last available plot of land, which will take place on 18 December. The ambition is to attract a logistics or warehousing investor. Aurelija Kuezada, CEO of the airport, says that this is a unique and rare opportunity. Especially as this is the last plot at Šiauliai Airport that has not yet been occupied.

‘This plot, which is over 2 hectares in size, is not only part of an international air connectivity complex. There is a railway siding with container handling infrastructure next to the plot, so it is possible to develop the activity by using the three logistics modes available here: air, rail and land, including important Lithuanian highways’, – says the CEO of Šiauliai International Airport.

According to her, the lease of this plot of land will not allow entry to Šiauliai Airport in the near future. All the plots owned by the airport have already been leased and are being successfully developed by investors.

Although Šiauliai Airport has a passenger handling infrastructure due to its status as an international airport, the latter is mainly used to serve aircraft crews. In the long term, the airport’s focus is on cargo. Accordingly, it is expected that logistics companies, parcel delivery companies and warehousing operators could be interested in the plot.

Moreover, A. Kuezada highlights another significant advantage of the plot.

‘This would be an investment in a clear field, as the plot is empty and undeveloped. The successful investor would benefit from all the necessary communications connections and a privileged location, while designing and developing the plot itself as they need and see fit. There is no need to adapt to existing buildings’, she stresses.

Tenants and investors of the plot could include investment companies, real estate funds, which could see the prospect of developing the plot for targeted businesses.

According to the CEO of Šiauliai Airport, the airport is open to various proposals and hopes to successfully complete the creation of an ecosystem of aviation and related businesses.

‘We want to take advantage of our uniqueness of being the only airport in Lithuania and the Baltic region with a 3.5 km long and 45 m wide runway that can easily accommodate fully loaded transatlantic aircrafts. We are equally welcoming to smaller aircraft used by investors, business owners and executives arriving in Šiauliai. Thanks to the infrastructure and the equipment needed to service it, we are the land-based equivalent of the Klaipėda Seaport, which is able to operate non-stop all year round – we are able to work around the clock, even in challenging weather conditions,’ says Kuezada.

In recent years, Šiauliai Airport has worked hard to attract investment and has successfully used its strengths. On other plots of land owned by Šiauliai Airport, with a total area of almost 30 hectares, private investors provide aircraft maintenance services and cargo handling services.

Šiauliai International Airport, recognized as EYSA/SQQ in international aviation systems, complies with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). 

About Šiauliai International Airport:

Šiauliai International Airport is managed by Šiauliai City municipal enterprise Šiauliai Airport, which provides ground handling of aircraft, passengers and cargo, land lease and other services. The longest runway in the Baltics allows the airport to accommodate transatlantic aircrafts as well as aircrafts carrying heavy cargo. It is the only airport in the Baltic region through which animals can be exported by air. Since 2004, NATO Air Police has been residing at Šiauliai Airport.