Young progressive local and regional politicians call for an EU Housing Strategy

  • 2022-10-14

Young progressive local and regional politicians from all over the European Union adopted on October 12 the declaration "WANTED – New EU Housing Strategy!".

This declaration calls for decisive EU action to make the right to housing for all a reality and sets out 15 concrete proposals on different aspects of housing policy, including social housing, sustainable housing, emergency housing, and youth & housing.

Drafted at the PES Group's participatory lab on "Affordable. Social. Sustainable. Local solutions for housing", held as part of the 2022 European Week of Regions and Cities, the declaration was handed to Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights.

Christophe Rouillon, President of the PES Group at the European Committee of the Regions and Mayor of Coulaines, France, said: "We are facing a dramatic housing crisis affecting millions of people in villages, towns and regions across Europe. Housing is a human right. We need to urgently harness all the resources of the Union to make this right a reality. In addition to the considerable European funding that already exists, we need to set Member States binding objectives to finance the construction and renovation of quality and energy-efficient housing. With the revenue from the European tax on super-profits, we will be able to support the most vulnerable members of society.”

Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, stated that "Everybody has the right to affordable housing, a place to feel safe and secure. Europe must redouble its efforts when it comes to investing in social housing before it is too late and we see even greater numbers of people with nowhere to call 'home'."

According to Eurostat, more than 80 million people are currently affected by the lack of affordable and social housing in Europe. 17.1% of the EU population live in overcrowded houses and 10.3% of the EU population spend more than 40% of their income on rent. 47% of young Europeans between the ages of 18 and 34 are still forced to live at home with their parents.

Prepared according the report by Group of the Party of European Socialists in the European Committee of the Regions