Yoko Ono's retrospective exhibition opening in Kaunas

  • 2022-09-09
  • BNS/TBT Staff

KAUNAS – Lithuania's second-biggest city of Kaunas is hosting Yoko Ono's retrospective exhibition featuring the world-renowned artist's "instruction pieces" that invite the viewer to experience the artwork by following her instructions.

The exhibition, named The Learning Garden of Freedom, also includes works dedicated to Jurgis (George) Maciunas, a Lithuanian American artist born in Kaunas and a foundering member of the Fluxus movement, and to her late husband John Lennon.  

"She is very happy that it's in Kaunas. And especially this museum, because it is just a walk away next to George Maciunas' birthplace," Jon Hendricks, the curator of the exhibition, told a news conference in Kaunas on Friday.  

"She knew that George Maciunas is from Kaunas and immediately said yes," he added. 

The organizers of the exhibition at Kaunas Picture Gallery say it has a special resonance at the time when war is raging in Ukraine. 

"This exhibition has certainly proved to be very relevant in the context of war," said Virginija Vitkiene, CEO at Kaunas 2022. 

"We knew Yoko Ono's pacifist worldview which has been with her throughout her creative life. Some of the works are statements that cut straight into a person's conscience," she added. 

One of the exhibition halls features works dedicated by Ono and Maciunas to each other.

"This exhibition presents an overview of the diverse work of world-renowned artist Yoko Ono, including conceptual artworks, installations, objects, experimental films, performances, sound and text works," Lithuania's Contemporary Art Center, one of the organizers, has said. 

The exhibition is a key part of the Kaunas-European Capital of Culture 2022 program.