Xfly free to operate jets in Denmark

  • 2023-01-18

The Nordic Aviation Group is delighted to inform that Xfly management together with its employment partner PAS Aviation, have successfully negotiated and signed a new collective agreement with FPU (Flight Personnel Union) in Denmark. The agreement covers jet engine aircraft operations from Denmark and is a good addition to its ATR agreement dating back to a period of 5 years ago. The aim of the company is to base one of its CRJs in Denmark from March and to additionally employ up to 10 pilots. This new agreement also opens up possible Airbus production in the future.

The Deputy Chairman of FPU Anders Mark Jensen expressed his satisfaction with the agreement: “The collaboration with Xfly has always been extremely constructive. We continuously find good solutions together, and we expect that Xfly will form even closer ties with Denmark”, he said. The vice-spokesperson said he is very “satisfied with the signing of the agreement,”  and hopes Xfly will have even stronger bonds with Denmark in the future.

The CEO of the Estonian aviation company, Jan Palmer said on the occasion that “the aviation company has set the goal of operating bigger aircraft in Denmark in the future, and therefore it is very important that the relevant agreements with local trade unions have correctly been signed before kicking off activities.” The Nordic Aviation Group will add three new Airbus A320neo aircraft to its fleet, known as state-of-the-art environmentally sound and travel-friendly choice in aviation. The aircraft with a total of 180 fleet will be operating for Germany’s new MARABU airline from Munich and Hamburg. “From Tallinn, the company flies to Stockholm under the brand of SAS and serves charters to Egypt and the Canaries,” Palmer said.

Palmer underlines that Xfly and Nordica are currently recruiting a considerable number of new aviation specialists, and adds, “we as a company would like to have the opportunity to operate Airbus in Denmark in the future, and thus it was crucial for our expanding business to have relevant agreements in place.” He says pilots currently flying ATR in Denmark will get an opportunity to apply for jet rating while young pilots will get a chance to start their career flying ATR. “In this way, we are building an interesting internal career stairway for our flight crews,” he envisions career opportunities for his people in an organization setting a continuous growth trend.

The Estonian aviation group comprises of Xfly and Nordica airlines operating for bigger European airlines and charter companies on their requested routes, and do not sell tickets on their own. The Group is currently a caring employer to over 650 aviation specialists. Within the next few months the company is planning to recruit other 250 great new colleagues. The group currently operates a fleet of 20 aircraft the number of which is predicted to grow by the end of the year. The company also stands for disseminating Nordic values in work culture and is committed to meet modern quality requirements set for airlines in Europe. Both Xfly and Nordica are oriented to long-term strategic cooperation with major airlines of Europe and beyond.