Without the Progressives, the new coalition will be a coalition of stagnation and retrogression - Golubeva

  • 2022-10-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - New Unity must do everything so that the Progressives will be in the next ruling coalition, otherwise it will be a coalition of stagnation and retrogression, which could ruin part of the achievements made by this parliament, this is the opinion of Movement Par politician Marija Golubeva in an interview with TV3.

Movement For, which ran in the elections together with For Latvia's Development in the For Development alliance, did not overcome the 5 percent threshold of being voted into the next parliament, remaining without representation in the Saeima.

Golubeva explained the failure by the party is due to the fact that it "has a very demanding electorate", moreover, some of the votes were "taken" by the ideologically similar party - the Progressives.

In such circumstances, both parties belonging to For Development have begun to evaluate whether to continue the mutual union, Golubeva said, admitting that the two parties could separate, because at the end of the election campaign, she felt a very different understanding of the social groups to be addressed between the two branches.

At the same time, Golubeva defended the cooperation of the parties even in circumstances where opinions differ on certain issues. She explained that the liberal niche in Latvia is quite narrow, so cooperation helps to ensure that the votes of liberal voters do not become fragmented and that these values are represented in power.