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  • 2020-07-30

Max Cekot Kitchen, Riga

A trailblazer in Latvian gastronomical scene, Max Cekot Kitchen is causing a stir among most spoilt Riga’s diners. Located in the industrial crust of the city, in a former woodwork factory, this is the first fine dining restaurant in Riga that offers set-menu alone. Operating just three evenings a week, pulling up a seat at Max Cekot Kitchen is like attending a theatre performance or an opera show. 

The sleek restaurant is a mix of wood and metal with a dramatic spiral staircase as its centerpiece. Every meal in Max Cekot Kitchen is unique and extraordinary. The 9-course tasting menu is dreamed up by the head chef Max Cekot who personally cherry-picks every ingredient to assure that every guest receives the best. The tasting menu changes seasonally, and there is also a vegetarian alternative, additional wine or nonalcoholic drink pairings.

Max Cekot Kitchen combines an extraordinary contemporary cuisine, original ideas and advantages of every little detail to turn your dinner into a complete unique experience that is nothing but perfect. There is a separate story hidden in every part of Max Cekot Kitchen: the place with rich history, the team of incredible talent, let alone the interior design details, every dish and every ingredient in it.

The restaurant’s staff is open with their guests. That is why they are ready to satisfy your curiosity and show you how a dish is being prepared in an open chef’s kitchen. You are free to watch, ask questions and share your ideas. Eye to eye contact and communication could add to your experience and help the restaurant grow. 

The restaurant is open Thursday/Friday/Saturday19:00-23:00. The address is 42 Jelgavas Street, Riga. To book a table, call +371 2011 2102, email or use the restaurant’s web form.


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