Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2020-01-30

Amandus, Vilnius

Amandus is not just a restaurant but a gastronomical retreat. Situated in the heart of the capital city – Vilnius, Amandus stretches through two floors at the fashionable Hotel Artagonist and takes pride in creating interesting and noteworthy dishes based on traditional Lithuanian recipes.

The young Deivydas Praspaliauskas, the owner and head chef of Amandus, has to be one of the most vibrant personas in modern Lithuanian restauration. The list of restaurants he has established is lengthy. And his very own restaurant is its logical apogee. The organizational pinnacle reached, Deivydas focuses his remarkable energy on food.

Gastronomic journey at Amandus always starts with a glass of aperitif, chef compliments and intriguing food stories told by Deivydas Praspaliauskas himself. His kitchen is a laboratory. Lingonberries are buried under ibérico cheek, duck breast comes with a pear and pepper sauce, parsnips with beetroot and goat cheese, fried pumpkin with apples and courgette with salty Pecorino cheese.

The restaurant has a 7-course set menu that one gets to taste, especially during the summers. One can find a lot of vegetarian and Scandinavian options on the menu as well. Fabulous desserts too.

The interiors of the restaurant are kept minimal yet elegant that resonates a cozy ambiance. It is a nice place to have a quiet and relaxing dinner. Whether it is a business lunch or à la carte selection, all guests can always be sure to get impressed by the dynamic menu and nature-inspired tastes that change constantly.

Customer feedback is one of Deivydas’ primary sources of inspiration. On your next visit, you might well encounter something your own suggestions inspired. This is the power of inspiration.

The address is 34 Pilies Street, Hotel Artagonist, Vilnius. You can also contact the restaurant staff via email or by phone +370 675 41 191.