Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2018-02-28

Mio, Riga

This charming and romantic cafe-restaurant serves European-minded a la carte seasonal menu using local eco produce to a mostly fancy-elegant Latvian crowd. Owned and operated by a lovely local couple Evita and Aivi, Evita provides a truly personal and attentive service whilst her husband is nearby cooking in the open kitchen. Ingredients are supplied by the hostess’ mother from her own eco farm and even the interior and tableware are the couple’s travel trophies. Clandestine, warm and graceful, the tiny restaurant has managed to squeeze in several tables, a small bar and an open-plan kitchen into a space elegantly decorated with chandeliers, a number of stylish mirrors and other design elements that can best be described as Provencal. Find excellent service, dedicated chefs and great international cuisine. Daily specials are listed on the blackboard and you can often order breakfast well into the afternoon. Prices are by no means cheap, but the fantastic staff, the imaginative menu and the refined ambience are worth the expense.

Mio is located in the city centre at Blaumana 15. For information and booking, call (+371) 28 14 31 39.