Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2020-05-01

Naples, Riga

Naples is an urban version of a delicious homemade cuisine in the city that also keeps a romantic presence alive. The urban environment merges with rural peace and retains its main function – the link with the territory of Andrejsala. Now, during quarantine, you can sit on the terrace, outside this cozy space decked out in designer wooden furniture and enjoy an excellent meal and a fantastic view. The vista of the picturesque yacht marina is certainly a draw.

The restaurant specializes in all manner of Italian cuisine including antipasti, salads, pastas, pizzas and loads of delicious seafood. The menu is as simple as the restaurant itself and there is nothing unnecessary – a gastronomic course in different directions with the basic course in the Italian direction. The juicy and crispy pizza “Naples” is fried in the exclusive MORELLO FORNI oven, which in pizza bakers’ circles equates to Rolls-Royce. Not only pizza, but self-made pasta is also available.

Enjoy everything from pasta and pizzas to seafood and steaks and order a home delivery by Wolt service via mobile app or visit the restaurant yourself – the address is 5 Andrejostas Street, Riga. You can contact the restaurant staff via email or by phone +371 2577 5540.