Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2019-08-29

Café Moon, Tallinn. Modern Russian Food with Great Passion

Moon is a tricky word. In English, it’s the Moon; however, when pronounced the Estonian way, it means ‘poppy’, a beautiful red flower. Quite an unusual name for a restaurant… Even more unexpected is the location – mentally very far from fancy Old Town, at the same time so close to the sea and very much in the centre.

Café Moon was born seven years ago when head chefs Roman and Igor decided to quit their careers pursuing high-end gastronomy goals, and to go back to their culinary roots. Simple, honest, sincere, respectful, local, sustainable, Nordic – these are the food mantras the owners want to convey to you on the plates at the hidden corner of wooden Kalamaja suburb.

Its minimalist interior design projects an aura of sophistication, while remaining tactfully modest. While Roman Zashtsherinski and Igor Andrejev occupy the kitchen, Jana Zashtsherinski warmly welcomes guests, creates a homelike atmosphere and is in charge of the wine list.

A top-rated chef and an inviting interior have made Café Moon one of the most popular destinations of Tallinn’s food-loving set. Though the dining experience is casual and café-like, the quality of the food – a small menu of mainly Russian-inspired creations – is considered top-notch.

The address is Võrgu 3, Tallinn 10415. To book a table, please call the restaurant staff (+ 372) 6 314 575 or email at [email protected]