Wining & Dining Guide

  • 2020-02-27

Chefs Corner, Riga

Chefs Corner is a high-end European restaurant included in the list of 30 best restaurants in Latvia under the “Best New Restaurant” and “Best Drinks” categories.

Located in the heart of the quiet center of Riga, Chefs Corner attracts both, travelers and locals, who appreciate a great style and atmosphere combined with haute cuisine for every taste. Wine bottles and big slabs of beef become part of the décor here as they age in their own temperature-controlled refrigerators and thankfully they’re not just for show as the superb cuts of fillet mignon, tenderloins, chateaubriand, porterhouses and T-bones are simply fantastic.

The gilded venue is governed by the chef Eriks Livmanis, who creates unique combinations that tempt even the most jaded appetites. The chef says, “My culinary style comes from a full flawless understanding of the product. Understanding the product I can intuitively combine it with seemingly incompatible ingredients. For example, oyster bread with blood sausage and caviar. New, unexpected combinations, startling flavors, and never-ending pleasure from astonishing taste – perhaps, this is what Chefs Corner signature looks like.” Restaurant’s menu is designed to meet the most diverse taste preferences. For appetizers there is a broad range of tartars and other raw plates, but when it comes to the mains, steak steals the show. The menu boasts 12 kinds of steaks, including the famous Tomahawk – a grilled long-bone Rib Steak.

While being meat-centric, Chef’s Corner also caters for vegetarians and seafood fans with such inventive dishes as smoked eggplant with carpaccio confit, arugula topped with walnuts and Roquefort cream and fried squids with carbonara sauce and fermented egg yolk. 

There are also a number of nifty desserts to round up the evening, such as sea buckthorn panna cotta and Montblanc. If you’d like to impress friends, business partners or a special date, this sophisticated restaurant is an excellent choice. A rarity in Riga, the cuisine here is definitely worth the expense. 

The address is 5 Jeruzalemes Street, Riga. You can also contact the restaurant staff via email or by phone +371 2700 1101.