Wine & Dine Guide

  • 2017-03-08

Stikliai, Vilnius

Housed in an old building with baroque and gothic features, Stikliai Hotel stands in the heart of the Old Town, surrounded by Vilnius’ characteristically baroque church spires, pastel-colored buildings and numerous shops. The area where the hotel is located, was a center of glassblowers and other craftsmen who had their workshops in the XV-XVI centuries. The name Stikliai comes from Lithuanian and stands for “glassblowers”.

Whereas most hotel restaurants are best avoided, this one is more than an exception. This renowned gourmet restaurant offers its guests to experience the true taste of Lithuania’s long held and storied culinary history and to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with refined dishes and delicious cuisine. A small, but magnificent menu of wonderful dishes featuring such classic favorites as: black truffles and a proper sorbet, all served by impeccable staff in truly sumptuous surroundings.

Whether it’s a mouthwatering array of local ingredients crafted into a unique and authentic dish, or a traditional meal cherished among locals, treat your taste buds to an experience that’s always fresh, local and delicious.
Backpackers and stag parties might like to find somewhere else to eat. People with style who know a good thing when they see it and who like to impress, might like to book a table. Reservations can be made by phone: +370 5 264 95 95 or via email:  Stikliai restaurant is located in Vilnius Old Town, in Stikliai Hotel, at 7 Gaono Street.