We must build strong bridges of cooperation between Mediterranean and Baltic seas - Vejonis

  • 2018-07-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - We must build strong bridges of cooperation between the Mediterranean and Baltic seas in such areas as security, the economy, culture, science and education, Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis said during a meeting in Riga today with Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

The Latvian president expressed joy at the visit by the Italian president on such an important year for Latvia - the country's centenary. He said that the visit shows the warm and friendly relations between the two countries, which are only becoming stronger. During the meeting, the two presidents discussed a matter of topics, including bilateral relations, as well as current European and global issues.

Vejonis said that he is also happy at the active cultural cooperation between the two countries at a time when Latvia is celebrating the Song and Dance Festival. He admitted that the political dialogue between the two countries remains very active, and that both countries share a similar view on European values and international challenges.

The Latvian president said that Europe's solidarity must continue to be strengthened, and cannot be divided into east or west, south or north. He also thanked Italy for its contribution in strengthening the security of the Baltic region, and emphasized that Europe must continue to tackle the migration problem, of which Italy is on the front lines, and that the EU must continue to strengthen its borders.

The Italian president, meanwhile, thanked Latvia for the invitation, and also gave greetings to the Latvian people from the Italian people. He said that this visit will only strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

The Italian president also pointed out to the migration problems in Europe's south, and that solidarity between European countries is needed to tackle this matter. He also pointed out to the importance of NATO, and its role in the security of member states.