We continue work so that residents could return to their homes - head of Jekabpils Regional Council

  • 2023-01-17
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Works are being continued in Jekabpils in order to deal with the consequences of the flooding and so that residents could return home, the Chairman of the Jekabpils Regional Council Raivis Ragainis (Latvian Green Party) said in an interview on Latvian Television this morning.

"People continues to work again all night. We are working to put the city back in order as soon as possible and so that people can return to their homes," said Ragainis.

Currently, the protective dam is also being strengthened. "Today we might already decide on lifting bans on coming back home in other city districts as well. Therefore, we will reduce the area where an evacuation has been declared," he said.

Ragainis also stated that schools remain closed. He assumed that schools will resume their activities on Thursday.

The water level in the Daugava near Jekabpils continues to decrease by approximately three centimeters per hour, according to information from the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center this morning.

In the last day, the water level has dropped by more than half a meter. Since Saturday morning, when the water level in Daugava near Jekabpils reached the highest level in the last decades, water levels have fallen by more than 1.2 meters.