War in Ukraine will certainly not pause during winter - Pudans

  • 2023-10-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The war in Ukraine will definitely not pause completely in the winter, the Commander of the National Guard Kaspars Pudans told Latvian Television this morning.

He admitted that it was partly surprising that Russia had launched a major offensive, which had not been seen all year on the eastern front. The assumption was that they would basically prepare for a defensive operation to hibernate and stabilize the front for the winter.

Pudans assumes that the offensive was launched in order to regain territory. There could also be some political pressure on the military leadership.

"However, we can see from the attacks that there is no qualitative force on the Russian side to carry out attacks. More equipment is being used," Pudans assessed, stressing that the Russians are also hampered by their own fortifications, which were prepared for defense. What is happening on the front is also changing Ukraine's plans.

The commander expects a decrease in military activity in winter, similar to previous years, due to weather conditions that affect maneuverability and also have a psychological impact on soldiers.

"But hostilities will certainly not stop completely, even though the Russian side might have wanted them to," Pudans said.