Vilnius opening 2 drive-in coronavirus testing stations

  • 2020-03-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS -Two drive-in coronavirus testing stations are opening in Vilnius at noon on Thursday to allow swabbing patients for COVID-19 in their cars, the Health Ministry said. 

The stations were set up in Park & Ride sites, one at Savanoriu 124 and the other at V. Gerulaicio 1. 

The minister warned that patients are forbidden to drive up to such a testing station without prior registration, or come by taxi or public transport. 

Ten municipalities across Lithuania have until Friday to set up such drive-in coronavirus testing sites. 

A patient must first call the 1808 coronavirus hotline number if they develop at least one symptom of acute respiratory infection, such as sudden onset of fever, cough and shortness of breath, within 14 days after returning from a foreign trip or having been exposed to someone who may have the virus.  

The hotline operator will decide whether the caller needs to be tested for coronavirus. 

The patient will be asked if he or she can drive or be driven to a mobile testing station by a private car. If they can, they will be contacted by the station's coordinator to arrange for the time and place of the test.  

At the station, people will have to stay in their cars and do not roll down the window until specifically instructed to do so. They will be advised on how the swabbing will be performed.

Everyone is required to have their ID document and a sheet of A4 paper with their mobile phone number written on it. The number will be used to contact the person and verify their personal information. 

After the testing has been completed, the patient will have to go home, self-isolate and wait for the result. If needed, they will be taken to hospital in an ambulance. 

Municipalities will have to arrange transportation for those who will not be able to come on their own.