Victory Park in Riga ready to welcome visitors

  • 2023-11-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Although some works are still in progress, the renovated Victory Park is ready to welcome the citizens of Riga, Riga Vice Mayor Edvards Ratnieks (NA/LRA) informed journalists today.

He thanked the builders who have done a tremendous job - designing and constructing the park - at such a fast pace, within four months.

The original plan was to plant 1,500 trees, bushes and other plants in the park. This number has now grown to 4,000 plants. In addition, 20,000 spring flower bulbs have been planted.

"We have reclaimed Victory Park for Riga, Victory Park for Latvia. It has acquired a new look, it has regained its historical breath and meaning," Ratnieks said at the press conference.

The park was created 100 years ago to commemorate the victory over Bermont and it is important for the park to regain its historical purpose not only in appearance. But also in people's minds, the politician said.

The development of the park is being carried out by the Aidaco Group. The initial cost of the works was estimated at EUR 7,695,900, but due to unforeseen works, the cost has risen to around EUR 8.5 million.

As reported, in May 2022 the Riga City Council decided to demolish a monument to soviet soldiers in Victory Park. The monument was taken down on August 25.