Vice speakers of Latvian and Polish parliaments underline need to bolster regional security

  • 2022-06-27
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Saeima Vice Speaker Dagmara Beitnere Le-Gall (Conservatives) on Monday met with Ryszard Terlecki, Vice Speaker of Poland's Sejm to discuss the necessity to bolster the region's security, LETA was told at the Saeima press office. 

"Bolstering security is currently the most important tasks in our region. Poland has historically been a  stronghold of regional security, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine has made Latvia-Poland ties even closer," Beitnere Le-Galla indicated. 

The Sejm vice speaker also noted the successful cooperation between the two countries, including in dealing with the crisis at Belarus' border.

Both Latvia and Poland strongly denounce Russia's war in Ukraine and are providing assistance to Ukraine, the Saeima press service said. Both Latvian and Polish officials were unanimous on the need to bring Ukraine closer to the European Union (EU). 

"We need to protect European values together. Latvia and Poland must speak in one voice so that we were better heard in Europe," Beitnere Le-Galla said. 

Poland and Latvia are interested in strengthening NATO's eastern flank, said Terlecki. The decisions NATO leaders are going to take at the upcoming summit in Madrid will be highly important for the region's security, including in the context of boosting the presence of NATO forces, as well as the admission of Finland and Sweden to the Alliance, the representatives of the two countries said.