Venipak strengthens its position in Estonia: expands its network of parcel machines

  • 2022-12-12

International parcel delivery company Venipak has started expanding its network of parcel machines in Estonia. Until now, the company has provided a door-to-door delivery service in the country. The number of Venipak parcel machines in the Baltic States is expected to reach 600 within the next year.

The parcel delivery company will become the first privately funded business to have a significant market share in the Baltic States. This year, Venipak parcel machines will start operating in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and next year they will be available all over the country. The company is investing €1 million in the project.

"Parcel machines in Estonia mark the end of an important expansion phase for us. From next year, our customers in all Baltic countries will be able to conveniently choose their delivery method – we can see that this option is becoming increasingly important," says Justas Šablinskas, the company's CEO. “We are actively involved in the development process of the parcel machines, developing the software ourselves, so that the parcel machines arrive in Estonia even more advanced. We hope that more and more people will choose this method of parcel delivery, which is not only convenient but also more eco-friendly."

This year, the company has completed the installation of parcel machines in Latvia. There are currently 201 parcel machines in Latvia, and 251 in Lithuania. According to Mr Šablinskas, Venipak continues to pursue its strategic goal of becoming a one-stop delivery platform for all delivery services as well as air and ground freight services worldwide.

More than a year ago, Venipak established a branch in Poland to facilitate the expansion of its customer base to other European countries. The company also provides e-fulfillment for e-commerce businesses.